Client Services Specific to Workplace Substance Abuse

i) Policy Development and Implementation

  • Policy Development: Companies are assisted in identifying their specific needs and developing a reasonable and responsible policy and implementation plan to meet those needs. The process can include:
  • undertaking a comprehensive evaluation/audit of current policies and advising on modifications or upgrades; and/or
  • facilitating the work of an internal project team and providing them with the background information, tools and advice needed to understand the issues and design a new policy;
  • guidance in assessing program needs, drafting a policy to meet those needs, and working closely with the company to refine and finalize it;
  • guiding a collaborative process that allows for the participation of representatives from various parts of the organization (broader policy consultation); and
  • advising on and guiding employee surveys if required/desired.
  • Executive Briefings: Briefings are regularly provided to management teams, unions, industry associations, and assistance organizations to help them understand the critical issues involved within a Canadian context.
  • Policy Implementation: Advice and assistance is provided in:
  • the detailed design of various policy components, including programs of peer prevention/referral, the set up of testing programs if required, and the design and delivery of supervisor training and awareness and education programs;
  • clarification of program needs in the areas of employee assistance or counselling services, alcohol and drug testing, and substance abuse professional services among others, and contracting the most appropriate service providers;
  • the development of communication strategies needed during the policy development process, supporting policy announcement, and as appropriate on an on-going basis;
  • the establishment of processes for ongoing, or ‘point in time’ evaluation of policy effectiveness.
  • Education/ Training: The firm also develops and delivers employee education sessions on workplace issues associated with alcohol and other drugs, and delivers comprehensive supervisor training programs to assist managers and supervisors in understanding drug use and performance, their company policy, their specific responsibilities under the policy, and ways to overcome difficulties in meeting any challenges to implementation. Training can be either directly delivered to supervisors, through a process of training internal trainers, or through an easily accessible and well utilized internet approach.

ii) Strategic Planning

  • Assistance is provided to provincial and federal government departments, private sector organizations and industry associations so that they can better understand the relevant issues and develop a strategic response based on their specific needs, responsibilities, and perspectives.

iii) Research and Analysis Services

  • A library of relevant Canadian and international scientific, statistical and research data is maintained on an ongoing basis, along with a library of legal decisions, position papers, policies, presentation papers and other significant data on this topic. In this way, clients receive the most recent and appropriate information to assist them in considering policy and program decisions. Research and analysis services on specific topics is provided on an as-required basis.
  • Ms. Butler has testified on many occasions as an expert witness on workplace alcohol and drug policies and related matters. She has provided assistance to legal counsel on alcohol and drug policy issues in connection with case preparation, including arbitrations, human rights tribunals, and coroners inquests.

v) Regulatory Compliance

  • Clients are provided with ongoing monitoring and assessment of the U.S. regulatory program requirements, including assessment of direct implications for Canadian and cross-border operations; and assistance in the design and implementation of programs that will meet these requirements within the Canadian context.

vi) Training on Policy Issues

  • Ms. Butler is consulted on workplace alcohol and drug policy issues on an ongoing basis. At critical times, input has been provided to such organizations as Labour Canada, Transport Canada, the Senate Transport Committee, Health Canada, and the Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (now Alberta Health Services). She has also trained the RCMP Drug Education Officers across Canada on “Drugs in the Workplace” policies and programs. She is currently working with a number of construction and transportation associations across the country to support their members in policy development seminars.